Muscle Management® for

 The Elbow

This 2 day (13hr) class focuses on returning regional soft tissue components to a healthy and functional state of balance using soft tissue manipulation to effectively address Elbow issues.



Anyone think problems in the elbow region might be a factor in wrist or shoulder issues???




"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

Newton's third law

 Reduce muscular tension....reduce pain.

Often times the truth.


 Get ready to explore the workings of the Elbow....

The target audience for the 2-day (13 contact hr) class are therapists seeking effective massage techniques to further enhance their knowledge and confidence for addressing pain and dysfunction in Elbows.  Consider the important role muscles play in situations throughout the body... that according to our own CDC, more visits to physicians’ offices were made for musculoskeletal conditions than for any other reason.

Expected outcomes for participants include:

  • A greater ability to locate and palpate specific soft tissue.
  • Enhancement of skills in recognizing and understanding via visual - palpation assessment and clients description of concerns, the tissue adhesions/distortions within the muscle, tendon or ligament and that involvement in dysfunction and pain in Elbow region.
  • Enrichment of proficiency in appropriate application of massage technique for correcting soft tissue dysfunction to encourage restoration of pain free function in joint movement.
  • Ability to demonstrate advanced corrective massage techniques on the Elbow region using accurate contact, depth, and direction.
  • A better understanding of The Berry Method® of Corrective Massage and its principles of associating anatomy with the principles of structural Engineering.

Techniques and protocols will be presented that include:

  • repositioning misplaced muscles, tendons and ligaments towards optimum functionality
  • releasing adhesions within soft tissue structures and layers
  • mobilizing some of the bodies deepest tissue
  • correcting soft tissue distortion
  • accessing and encouraging the bodies' repair mechanisms
  • recognizing adaptive compensation
  • passive and active stretching techniques

   These classes include both a regional and a specific in-depth precision focus on the appropriate anatomy. We begin with each student building a clay model of the Elbow joint and supporting tissue. As each muscle, tendon and ligament is assembled and attached, techniques to stretch, correct and manipulate that specific muscle will be presented, practiced, and reviewed.

   Muscles and membranes to be studied will include: Interosseous Membrane, Triceps Brachii, Anconeus, Supinator, Brachialis, Flexor Digitorum Superficialis, Flexor Carpi Ulnaris, Palmaris Longus, Flexor Carpi Radialis, Pronator Teres, and more!!!

There will be lots of 'hands on' practice.

   Possibly one of Lauren Berry's greatest contributions to Massage therapy was in recognizing that muscles, tendons and ligaments have an optimal anatomical position and can be shifted off that position via trauma, adaptation, etc. As a visual example...imagine you are watching a marching formation from of the marchers is out of step and out of line. How might that affect the overall visual experience of watching that performance?

   Through recognizing, respecting and responding to that functional organization, therapists can often reduce tension and pain rather quickly. Often times it is a simple matter of putting the tissue back where it belongs....

The learning process is intended to aid you in...

  • Developing and heightening your awareness of the many associations within the body, for example... the relationships of structure to function to repair to maintenance.
  • Increasing and enhancing your tactile vision...the ability to not only target a specific muscle but to see it in your mind's eye.

The Elbow - NCBTMB approved 13 CEU class


Tuition: $TBA

 Prerequisites: Basic Massage/bodywork/manual therapy license/certificate.

"Taum Sayers is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education provider.
Provider # 152386-00"


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