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The Institute of Integral Health, Inc.  is a non profit teaching corporation that was formed shortly after Lauren's passing in 1983. Initially consisting of seven of his advanced students who had assisted him with his practice and in teaching his classes in the '70s and '80s.

Our present teaching staff also includes two senior students who have passed their practitioner's exam. Each of these teachers work within the Institute and several offer less technical workshops outside the Institute's official schedule.

We have all agreed that by staying and teaching together we could pass on Lauren's amazing system in a way that would be responsible and not be overly influenced by any one individual teacher's personal view and interpretation of "The Work". Each  student is brought in under an apprenticeship program. By staying within this framework, the Institute has responsibly continued to teach  Lauren's work.

The following is taken from Mirka Knaster's "Discovering The Body's Wisdom"

The late Lauren Berry Sr. was exceptionally straightforward whenever anyone asked what he did. "I'm not a healer and I'm not a doctor," he would say, " I'm just a mechanic."

Although he worked as a registered physical therapist, his deep understanding of the mechanics of the body came from childhood experiences with a Finnish doctor who practiced " Swedish Gymnastics", with cadavers in a city morgue, and from his later training as a structural engineer. Lauren addressed the muscles, tendons, and ligaments as the "guy wires" of the body. He found that their distortion was often the major contributor to mechanical problems of the spine and extremities. He also believed that everything in the body is innately programmed to self-correct. But.... if your natural center of gravity (located in the pelvic girdle on a line between the fifth lumbar-sacral articulation and a point approximately two inches below the navel) is off balance, then everything above and below becomes distorted in order to adapt to a new center of gravity. This situation interferes with your body's ability to maintain itself.

Therapists who practice the Lauren Berry Method use deep massage techniques and soft tissue manipulation. By relieving spasms, correcting distortions, and releasing adhesions in the connective tissue, skeletal muscles, and the smooth muscle of organs, these techniques stimulate the body's natural inclination toward balance and ease in its structure and function. For example, such corrections can quickly restore a knee to full, pain free mechanical function or relieve back discomfort.   Some Practitioners of the Lauren Berry Method studied directly with Lauren Berry and some now teach these amazing techniques to others.


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